Delivery Restriction

City Express doesn’t provide delivery to some regions.

In Other Countries:

  • to Afghanistan and other countries at war

Also we don’t deliver goods prohibited to transport by RF legislation.

In Russia:

  • foreign currency and banknotes of Russia
  • live or dead animals and plants
  • human body parts or remains (including in the form of ash)
  • fire, air, gas and edged weapons and parts thereof
  • ammunition, fireworks, flares and ammunition
  • drugs
  • psychotropic
  • radioactive, explosive, poisonous, corrosive
  • flammable and other hazardous substances under pressure
  • explosive, flammable, toxic, Corrosion, perishable products and materials
  • Products with an unpleasant smell
  • objects and substances, which by its nature or because of the packaging may be a danger to workers of CE, contaminate or damage (damage) other goods and equipment CE

Abroad (in addition to the above):

  • gold, silver and other precious and semiprecious metals and stones
  • stocks, bonds, lottery tickets, quicklime stamps, travelers checks and other securities
  • insurance documents and other items of value
  • military equipment
  • alcoholic beverages
  • cosmetics
  • art, antiques, paintings - without an export permit
  • materials that can be identified as pornography or is likely to harm the morals and politics