Delivery of documents — А classic express delivery

The service is recommended for delivery of items, which sum of measurements (length + width + height) does not exceed 150 cm*, and weight - 32 kg. We can guarantee the delivery of such items in time with compliance with these restrictions.

* For details and requirements see Our rules (Rus).

А classic express delivery is avaliable all over

  • the city and region,
  • Russia
  • CIS and worldwide

This door to door delivery is provided at 4 rates - PRIME, EXPRESS, OPTIMA, MAIL. For this type of service we have a number of additional services, such as packaging, insurance, shipping notification, calls to recipients etc.

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Delivery of parcels — A delivery of parcels

This service is created especially for shipments weighing 5 kg or more. In comparison to classic delivery, OPTIMA CARGO has a number of additional conveniences. The weighty advantage of OPTIMA CARGO is a possibility to save your time and money.

We added several new schemes of delivery to the familiar door-to-door type, which include a CE-office-to-client or an office-to-office delivery. Now you can not only choose the ready delivery option but also create your own variant. As a result you'll be able to save up to 40%.

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Delivery of cargoes — Profitable delivery of heavy cargoes

For delivery of cargoes from 30 kg up to several tons - from Moscow and St.-Petersburg, and other cities of Russia.
Also we recommend ECONOM service for renting of lorries.

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International delivery — Shipping in CIS countries and abroad

City Express offers prompt delivery of documents and goods in most of the neighboring countries and abroad.

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